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A delicious variety of sweet and savory pastries and donuts, freshly baked every day.

MENU / Bakery

Whole Red bean Bread

Sugar Mochi Donut

Sweet Rice Donut

Vanilla Cream Bread

Very Berry Pastry

Pastel De Nata

Pineapple Brulee Pastry

Hash Brown Bread

Matcha Mochi Donut

Feuillete au Chocolat

Cheese Tart

Cream Cheese Donut

Curry Croquette

Mr. Bear

Ms. Bear

Ham & Cheese Pastry

Coffee Bun

Peanut Crumb Bread

Soft Strawberry Cheese Cake

Strawberry Mochi Donut

Mini Croissant (6pcs)

Mini Grain Cream Cheese Pastry (6pcs)

Twisted Donut

Pain au Chocolat

Pain aux Raisins

Egg Tart

Fruit Pastry

Jumbo Twisted Donut

King Cream Donut

Coffee Danish

Croissant Donut

Blueberry Cream Cheese Pastry


Walnut Cream Bread

Crab Meat Croquette

Apple Pie

Pastry Frank

Soft Cheese Cake

Mini Garlic Croissant (6pcs)

Strawberry Croissant

Tiramisu Tart

Chocolate Croissant

Choux Cream Bread

Cream Cheese Pastry

Fruit Bite (Raspberry)


Butter Cream Bread

Smoked Sausage Bread

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