About Us

Born from a love of bread and a passion for quality, we are an international bakery founded in 1988, specializing in French-inspired goods. In addition to chef-inspired cakes, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and signature coffee and tea, we offer a unique experience to thousands of guests daily. Today we have over 4,000 locations worldwide, satisfying cravings and taste buds of all ages and backgrounds.

Our Core Values &
Mission Statement





“To be the highest quality craveable bakery, obsessed with our guest experience.”


PARIS Culture

Passion – We are brand ambassadors who genuinely love our food, love our brand,
and we’re customer obsessed!

Attention – To our guests, to your role, to detail, to our quality and we are team players!

Remember – To say hello and thank you.
Even those little details can mean the world to our guests and the PB family.

Important – Always work with a high sense of urgency, with integrity,
and as efficiently as you can.

Service with a Smile – Happy to Help! We want our guests and fellow team members to feel comfortable coming to us for assistance. Smile, have fun, be upbeat and positive with
every interaction.

Our People

We are a talented, diverse, collaborative, and highly competitive team – a collection of individuals united by a desire to have fun and with a passion to succeed!

Our Products

At our core, we are a bakery that is French inspired and innovates through global influences. With a vibrant atmosphere, obsessive guest experience, and delicious products, we provide unique and special experiences for everyone who walks through our doors, including our team. We lead the bakery world by constantly innovating and creating the highest quality craveable products.