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A Batty Paris Baguette Halloween Party

Bats, skeletons and witches, oh my! October is the perfect time of year to go a little batty and host a  Halloween party for all of your fiends and ghouls. Check out these fang-tastic ideas including spooky  sips, decor tricks and Halloween treats.

Desserts are the life (or death) of any spooky Halloween party and a delicious cake should be the  centerpiece. The Bat-Tastic Chocolate Scream Cake is a delicious delight, topped with bats made from  cookies and cream with chocolate drizzled on top. For Halloween treats that are more on-the-go,  Cookie Scream Filled Donuts will do the trick—or treat. A cookies and cream filling with a skeleton  design will make your guests say bone-appétit.

Bobbing for apples is so 2019. Serve your guests a hot Caramel Apple Cider instead and sit back, enjoy  the conversation and catch up. If you need to amp up the party energy, have some coffee available.  There’s no better fall coffee flavor than a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Make sure to get both hot and cold  versions, just in case your guests are feeling adventurous.

Halloween decorations take any party to the next level. To keep the theme aligned with the Bat-Tastic  Chocolate Scream cake centerpiece, you’ll want to use purple, black, green and white colors to  decorate. Streamers, a fog machine, spider webs and skeleton bones will add to the ambience. Grab a  few black cauldrons and scoop spoons to serve the Caramel Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Make the decor extra spooky by using fishing twine to hang bats throughout the party space.

Now that the party is ready, you need to get ready! A perfect costume for this batty Halloween bash is  none other than a bat. This is a great costume for busy, on-the-go party hosts and hostesses. All you  need to make a bat costume is some black fabric, a black shirt and pants or a black dress. Fold the  black fabric in half and cut out your wing shape at a diagonal. Unfold the fabric and attach a black hair  elastic to each end of the wings. Wrap the elastic around your fingers or wrist and your bat wings are  ready. To go an extra step, create bat ears by attaching black cardstock paper to a black headband. Or  if you’re short on time, you can always grab a bat costume online. We won’t tell 😉 

Share photos from your batty Halloween party and tag us @parisbaguette_usa.

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